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The SQMS Center comprises 34 partners, including national and international laboratories, academic institutions and members of industry, in a mission-driven multidisciplinary collaboration. This page features the key expertise and facilities that each partner brings to the Center to achieve its ambitious goals.

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Contributing partners

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Rigetti Computing

  • Fleet of quantum material and devices testbeds
  • QPU testbeds
  • Foundry: 2-D superconducting qubits fab facilities
  • QIS industry and workforce training


  • Quantum algorithms and simulations

Stanford University

  • Quantum controls development
  • Dark sector searches theory and modeling
  • High-energy physics applications

Unitary Fund

  • Open source software development

Form Factor

  • Advanced sub-K cryogenic testbeds development



  • Underground quantum devices and materials testbed
  • Dark sector particle searches testbeds

University of Pisa

  • Quantum computing devices testbed
  • Quantum devices for dark matter and gravitational waves searches
  • Algorithms and simulation development


University of Arizona

  • Quantum sensing theory
  • Error correction development


Louisiana State University

  • Theoretical superconductivity
  • Quantum sensing


AMES National Laboratory

  • Superconducting quantum and materials characterization facilities
  • Condensed matter applications of quantum computing


Johns Hopkins University

  • Dark sector searches theory and modeling
  • High-energy physics applications

Lockheed Martin

  • Algorithms and simulations development


University of Minnesota

  • Quantum sensing for new physics



  • Foundry: custom 2-D superconducting quantum devices fab facilities
  • Cryogenic quantum testbed

University of Colorado Boulder

  • Cryogenic quantum testbed

Colorado School of Mines

  • Algorithms and simulations development
  • QIS theory

New York

NYU Langone

  • Algorithms for quantitative MRI

Goldman Sachs

  • Algorithms and simulations development for finance

New Jersey

Rutgers University – New Brunswick

  • Multimode control schemes for cavity-qubits control


Temple University

  • Superconducting characterization


Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

  • Development and fabrication of advanced materials for qubits, optimization of 2-D and 3-D design concepts 



  • Center headquarters
  • Quantum materials testbed
  • 3-D and 2-D quantum devices and prototypes testbed
  • Fundamental physics and sensing testbed
  • Foundry: 3-D SRF fab facilities
  • Material characterization facilities
  • Particle physics theory

Northwestern University

  • Workforce development lead
  • Quantum materials and devices testbed
  • Fundamental physics and sensing testbed
  • Quantum material structural characterization facilities
  • Condensed matter and superconductivity QIS theory

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

  • Dark sector searches theory and modeling
  • HEP applications

Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Superconducting characterization


University of Waterloo, Institute for Quantum Computing

  • Facilities for fabrication and characterization of superconducting devices