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U.S. Quantum Information Science Summer School

The application period for the 2024 USQIS School is now open. This year’s school is being hosted by the Quantum Science Center. Learn more here.

The 2023 US Quantum Information Science School was hosted by the SQMS Center and welcomed attendees to Fermilab for the inaugural program. The USQIS School was the largest US School dedicated to education in quantum information science and engineering, which included hands-on and laboratory experiences. 150 participants were selected, which included graduate and undergraduate students and professionals from national labs and industry. More than 40 expert instructors were recruited to lead lectures and experiential learning. Hands-on tracks were offered to students to learn about (1) superconducting qubit and radiofrequency measurements, (2) material science and analysis, and (3) quantum algorithms and implementation.

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Fermilab’s SQMS Center hosts inaugural U.S. Quantum Information Science program to develop quantum workforce

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