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Dr. Kameshwar Yadavalli

Dr. Kameshwar Yadavalli

Dr. Kameshwar Yadavalli

Senior Director, JJ Process Technology, Rigetti Computing; Materials Focus Area Team Member, SQMS

Areas of Expertise: Quantum Devices, Device Fabrication and Process Technology

Thrust: Technology

Dr. Kameshwar Yadavalli leads a team of engineers and physicists at Rigetti Computing working toward improving the (room temperature) yield and cryogenic performance of Al/AlOx/Al Josephson junctions and Nb resonators. He owns the primary responsibility of enabling quarterly improvement in device performance and directs efforts towards internal roadmap goals.

In SQMS, Dr. Yadavalli and his team work with Materials Quantum Devices focus partners to investigate and characterize Rigetti Fab processed thin films and devices towards improved understanding of loss mechanisms and TLS.

Prior to Rigetti, Dr. Yadavalli played a leading role in developing heterogeneous integration technology for 3-D integrated micro-LED displays and led efforts to improve performance of GaN and GaAs micro-LED devices. During Ph.D. and postdoctoral work, he worked on quantum devices and materials (single electron memory, quantum dot cellular automata logic, III-V integration with Si).

Dr. Yadavalli holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from University of Notre Dame (2005), an M.S. in electrical engineering from University of Notre Dame (2002) and a B.Tech. in electrical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras (2000).